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Welcome to our village, which is in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire.  Recorded in the Doomsday Book as Brotulbi, the name Brattleby originates from the Danish language.  For generations, Brattleby was a working agricultural centre.  This history can be seen in many of the beautiful buildings in our village, and in the lovely surrounding countryside.    In 1981 the village was designated a conservation area.

Brattleby is a civil parish of Lincolnshire and so has a parish council. There are four elected members of the council, all long-time residents of the village. Their work is administered by a parish clerk, who is currently another resident of the village.



Current Notices

Village Tidy Up - A big thank you!!

A big thank you to everyone who was free and able to give a hand this Sunday (23 January) to help clean up some of the litter in and around the village.  It was a great succes, and we hope to do another clean-up event very soon. 

Thank you!





Fireworks and animal residents of Brattleby

Several villagers have commented on the use of fireworks in the village and their affect on pets and nearby livestock.  They have asked the council to remind everyone of the negative and stressful impact loud noises can have on animals.   

Residents  ask that we consider the impact of fireworks before we celebrate with them. Please also consider letting neighbours and fellow residents know, so they can help to re-assure and protect their animals and pets in advance.

Please also consider contacting the clerk, who can  put an advance notice on the website.

Fireworks and animals - How to keep your pets safe

Fireworks and animals - the Animal Welfare Act


A use for the village red phone Box?

The red phone box is recorded as a village asset and is in the process of being restored and repainted by the Parish Council.  But what should we use it for once it's been repainted?  A book or magazine exchange? An additional village noticeboard? How about an exhchange for all those jigsaws you've amassed during lockdowns?

Please send your thoughts and ideas  to the parish clerk.  Let the clerk know if you'd like to be involved in any arising idea.   Get involved: 


Brattleby on YouTube

Thanks to a local video maker and fan of Lincolnshire locations, our lovely village now features in its very own YouTube video.  Cick the link below to take a look.

Brattleby video

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