Update September 2015

The new Brattleby Defibrillator is now in situ following a demonstration of its use by EMAS on the 2nd of September. 35 residents attended.

Any resident who missed this and would like further information, please contact Rob (above) or Mike Spencer - or use feedback option.

Update August 2015

We have managed to get a defibrillator for the village which will be placed in the bus shelter. As a first step we will organise a training and make residents aware of this potentially live saving device. 

The defibrillator training will be on Wednesday 2 September from 7-9pm at the BSA village hall in Aisthorpe. Rob Birkin (EMAS) is our trainer for the evening and his training outline is attached.

Ann and Lynne will distribute a flyer to all households in the village and ask if residents would like to actively participate in using and managing this important facility. 

Below the text for the flyer (also as attachment see below)

Brattleby Defibrillator.

Dear Resident,

Following the recent purchase of the above by your Parish Council, a presentation and 'active' demonstration of its use by East Midlands Ambulance Service Paramedic Rob Birkin will be held in the BSA Village Hall on Wednesday 2nd of September commencing at 7 pm. Tea/Coffee provided.

It is in the interest of all residents to gain a basic knowledge of this equipment and feel confident in its use. One never knows!

Once instruction has been provided, the appliance will be sited in the Bus Shelter, in a white metal box, mounted at high level to the left, on entering. This will be clearly marked accordingly and accessible at ALL times. A key is not required!

A chilling fact.

If a person has a cardiac arrest, each minute lost prior to applying a Defibrillator can mean a 10% less chance of survival! 

So 10 minutes? 

Please ensure at least one person from each household attends, if at all possible.

Kind regards

Brattleby Parish Council.