Village Venture

Village Venture Magazine will be back in print from the September issue, so watch your letterbox. The deadline for contributions is still the 15th of each month and subject to the space and editorial policy.

You can view or download your copy of the Magazine by clicking on the issue from the list below. 

The deadline for contributions for the forthcoming issue is the 12th ( but please submit your contribution anytime as the magazine will appear weekly whilst he lockdown is in place. We welcome Bill Shaw as our new editor (December 2018). If you would like to submit a contribution for the Village Venture please email: village.venture@gmail.com,.

If you like a copy of a back issue please use the feedback option to request one.

Brattleby Website Statistics

This page contains the monthly overviews of what people have looked at on the Brattleby website (views per directory, pages, etc).

There are currently 22 people (July 2020) who are receiving email alerts which keeps them informed of any changes made to the website. If you would like to receive these alerts you need to subscribe to it (see left pane Email Alerts). 

If you have any comments or questions please use the feedback option to email a message to your website coordinator Martha.