July 2020

Brattleby parish council



Notes of the extraordinary meeting held at Mr Scott’s house on Wednesday

24 June 2020 at 2.30pm.

Present were Mr M Spencer, Mr J Scott, Mr. D Wright.


1. Apologies for absence: Mrs J Strange


2. Annual Governance and Accounting Statements 2019/20:



The following matters were presented and considered:

• final accounts for the year,

• the Annual Governance Statement,

• the Annual Accounting Statement

• the explanation of variances between 2018/19 and 2019/20

• the internal audit report

The statements and reports were agreed


3. Certificate Of Exemption for Smaller Authorities:


As the annual expenditure of the Council is under £25000 a Certificate of Exemption can be applied for.

This removes the need for an external auditor to examine the accounts and practices of the Council. For the purposes of

openness and transparency the Council is still required to prepare the same statements and reports as it would for an external auditor and

instead publish them and make them available for inspection by residents. The papers listed in 2. above will be published on the

Brattleby website in the near future.


4. Accounting Statement for 2020/21 to date:


The statement was presented and approved. The Council has £7302 in the bank.

Commitments had been made to clear the flood dyke and contribute to the speedwatch campaign in conjunction with Scampton Council.

It was also agreed to fund additional gulley clearing in the village to compensate for reductions in service by Highways. There remained

some scope within the budget to fund any modest projects or improvements around the village that will benefit residents in some

tangible way.


5. Renewal of Council Insurance:

Mr Scott confirmed that the annual insurance policy had been renewed at a cost of £381.54


6. Any other business:

Now that the new footpath was being usedregularly it was agreed to locate a dog box at the East Lane end of the



Several road gulleys were blocked and Mr Spencer had referred this to

Highways on 8 June. See note 4 above.

Dog boxes were not being emptied and this and been referred to WLDC. Complaints had been received about the following matters:

• Continued dog fouling in the churchyard. It was an offence not to clear

dog mess and to for owners to claim they didn’t see it happen was no excuse.

 Legal action will be considered if the problem continues.

• Dumping of grass cuttings and other garden rubbish on Parish and other land by some residents showed a careless disregard for the

village and other residents. This can be classed as fly tipping and dealt with accordingly.

• Weekend working on the new build on Back Lane was causing a nuisance to local residents and had been reported to WLDC and the site owner

It was with great regret that Mr Spencer announced the death of Mark Willows, resident of Back Lane. The Council extends its condolences to Mark’s family and friends.

Date of the next full meeting: Monday 10 August 2020 at BSA Village Hall in Aisthorpe at 7pm.


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