Welcome to Brattleby Parish Council

The Parish Council meets at approximately quarterly intervals.

The meetings start at 7.00pm with a 15 minute session at which members of the public may speak in an open forum. The Parish Council Meeting proper starts at 7.15pm.

The Parish Council tries to do its best for the benefit of the village. If members of the public have any matters that they wish to be discussed they should submit them to the Clerk one week in advance of the meeting so that they can be added to the agenda. They may also be submitted by telephone, post or e-mail. For details of how to do this see Contact Us.

If you wish to see any other information please contact the PC Chair Mike Spencer 730466.

Parish Council Meeting Place

BSA Village Hall, Aisthorpe.

Parish Council Meeting Dates


Monday 21 September

Monday 10 August

Wednesday 24 June - Extraordinary PC meeting

Monday 11 May

Monday 9 March

Monday 6 January

Anyone wishing to inspect the Parish accounts, ask questions etc  please contact J Scott (Acting Clerk) at Sunnyside, East Lane, Brattleby. Tel: 01522 73056. 

Up to date information can be found at the Public Right to financial statements page (see left pane).

Annual Risk and condition assessment of assets and amenities 

The most recent document can be found in the attachment list below.

Parish Councillors

Mike Spencer (Chairman)

Jerry Scott, acting secretary

Jackie Strange

David Wright

If you would like contact details of any Parish Councillor please use the feedback option.

Brattleby PC Code of Conduct and Register of Member's interests

To be published when available here or through a link to the West Lindsey District Council website.

Community Asset Register

Brattleby PC has been successful in it application to register St Cuthbert’s Church as an Asset of Community Value by West Lindsey District Council under the Community Right to Bid, Part 5 Chapter 3 Localism Act 2011, Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012.
The registration takes effect from Monday, 27 July 2015 and will expire on Monday, 27 July 2020. An entry on the Land Registry will now be made to show the property has been registered as an Asset of Community Value. See for more details the documents below.